Sunday, 16 December 2012

No Sew Toad Stool Pin Cushion Tutorial

Hello my crafting friends, I've been a busy bee again.......
I love the satisfaction of creation something out of what some people would call trash don't you? Well today I've made a cute pincushion/storage jar out of two yogurt pots and a jam jar! how cool is that? If you fancy having a go just follow my tutorial it's easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!
You will need........

  • Two mushroom shaped yogurt pots (mine are Muller)
  • Glass jar small enough to fit inside your pot
  • Brown acrylic paint
  • Red and white spotty cotton (big enough to cover your pot)
  • Wadding - I used 3 layers of light weight wadding
  • Rubber bands
  • Bull-dog clips
  • PVA glue 
  • Ribbon to wrap around the bottom of your pot
  • White wool felt to wrap around your jar
  • Hot melt glue gun (optional)
1. The first instruction I have no photo for because... well..... because I forgot :). simply paint the inside of one pot with brown acrylic paint and put aside to dry (it will need two coats of paint).
2. cover the second pot with PVA glue.
3. Cover with wadding and secure with a rubber band.
4. Trim the wadding.
5. Brush with glue and repeat with the next two layers of wadding.
6. ......until it looks like this. Trim again.
7. cover with spotty cotton, secure with rubber band and tweak until you are happy with the position of the gathering. Trim off excess fabric leaving about one inch to fold underneath.
8. Spread glue around the inner rim of the pot.
9. Fold the red cotton inside the pot and secure until dry with bull-dog clips.
10. Now measure a strip of white felt deep enough to reach the lower rim of your jar and long enough to wrap around it.
11. Here's mine.
12. Cover the jar in glue.
13.Attach the felt and secure temporarily with a rubber band (who knew rubber bands could be so handy!)
14.When the glue is dry and after removing the rubber band finish of with some fancy ribbon. Now back to the lid.....
15. Now take the first pot (which you painted brown inside). Cover with a thin layer of glue and allow it to get a little tacky. Now slot it inside your padded pot - securing the red fabric in place.
16. Glue the space which shows between the two pots and attach your ribbon.

It should look like this. At this point you could say your toadstool is finished and simply pop the top onto the jar but I prefer to attach the lid of the jam jar to the inside of the yogurt pot (using a glue gun) so that the toadstool top screws on and off the base in one go.
After gluing put the padded top on before the hot glue sets.

Voila! there you have it!
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. As far as I am aware this is my own idea and I haven't seen it anywhere else (who knows!) so please give me credit for the design if you do happen to recreate it. Thank you for your visit. I would love to see yours if you make one so please send me a link.
Happy crafting.


  1. This is such a cute idea, thankyou for sharing Tx

  2. What a smashing idea Lou! Love it!! xxx