Thursday, 22 November 2012

Oh Sew loving to Sew!

I go through phases in my life, flittering from one to the other like a big crafty butterfly. Well this butterfly is currently having a good old flutter around the beautifully stitched flower of sewing. I've been making things on sewing machines since I was nine years old, can you believe my parents allowed that!
I made my first rag doll when I was 11, there and then a new passion began.
Recently I discovered a pattern from Ohsewdollin and now I just cant stop. I've used the basic doll pattern, altered it slightly and designed new clothes.What do you think of my ballet dancer?
Fabric is me new addiction, I just can't get enough!
I've opened an etsy shop to start selling my hand made things, feel free to browse!

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  1. Ooh how adorable!! You are too clever Lou!!!