Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Welcome to my new Bloggerooni! You know, I must be crazy, I've been Blogging for years and years and I had a big list of followers and favourites, but....without giving you all the depressing stories of my life .....I needed a fresh start in EVERYTHING so here I am with another new beginning and it feels great!
It's kind of like moving into a new house (I did that recently too lol) I've got the blank canvas but some of the fixtures and fitting are missing so please bear with me and join me in the evolution of my Blog.

Some of you will know me from my first Blog; Crafts by Louly, I do almost all of the designs for Charmed Cards and Crafts Digital Images (excluding the sentiments, my bestest friend Karen the owner of Charmed does those). Guess what, we just relaunched that blog in a different location with a different name too! It's been a busy time! Oh yes, did I mention, I just completed a new set of digital downloads which are being uploaded and ready for sale as we speak. It's all exciting stuff int it!
If you would like to pop over to Dottie's Worlds replacement and have a nosey around plese click here (some fixtures and fittings are missing there too)

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  1. Your blog looks so elegant. Hope you're really happy in your new homes both on here and IRL. You deserve so much happiness. And your new downloads are amazing. I'll be getting them soon xx