Thursday, 30 July 2015

Back again...again!

If you look at my last post you will see that it is a year since my last post and probably another year before that! Quite embarrassing really. Well I am here and I guess that is all that matters. I have finally rediscovered my craft room and bought some crafty goodies from Charmed Cards and Crafts for inspiration.
Here is a card I made using my new Nestibilities from Charmed. I love them!
Have a lovely day and I hope to see you soon xxx

Monday, 2 June 2014

Back Again!

Hi there fellow crafters and friends, have you missed me? It's been a heck of a long time hasn't it? I'll be honest with you, life just got really hard over the past month and I have decided to distract myself from it all by immersing myself in creativity - it beats alcohol!
On Saturday I bought myself a much needed printer so I could start to use my digi downloads again so yesterday I tested it out......I wanted to know what the colour print would be like so I browsed through my pre coloured digis from Charmed Cards and Crafts and found one of my old favourites from the pixie collection. You won't believe this but the card I am about to show you took me about 15 minutes yesterday! Take a look...
The Marianne Die and the beautiful picture make it look like it took hours don't they! Honestly I think I am going to print out the pre coloured digis more often!
I will be back with more because I just found some stuff in my camera which I never shared with you!
Bye for now xxxxx

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Marianne Creatables

Hi Folks, Louise here, long time no see! I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer sun - if you are enjoying the sun I guess you won't be reading this, however, I will continue for those of you who would rather Blog  hop than get all hot and sweaty on a deckchair.
Recently the lovely Karen from Charmed Cards ad Crafts sent me the most amazing DT package so that I could create some lessons for you to view in the shop. It was filled with all kinds of treasures from the Graphic 45 Bohemian Bazaar collection which has now gone down as one of my all time favourites. I love the vibrant colours and the Bohemian pattern styles. Nestled in amongst the Bohemian treasures I found something to feed my Die addiction. Karen (bless her!) gave me the Marianne Creatables Dies - Small Ovals! 
There are so many embossing dies on the market nowadays. I love them all but my favourites are the Marianne dies, the detail is spot on and they always seem to cut cleanly. I have put a lesson together using these little lovelies and is will soon be on the way to Karen to put on the site but in the meantime here is a look at how gorgeous this set really is
Gorgeous yes? I paired the die cuts with a stamped image of Annie (only available from Charmed Cards and Crafts) and some paper flowers. Job done. With great products the hard work is done for you.
I hope I managed to inspire you. Happy Crafting Folks. xxxx

Sunday, 16 December 2012

No Sew Toad Stool Pin Cushion Tutorial

Hello my crafting friends, I've been a busy bee again.......
I love the satisfaction of creation something out of what some people would call trash don't you? Well today I've made a cute pincushion/storage jar out of two yogurt pots and a jam jar! how cool is that? If you fancy having a go just follow my tutorial it's easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!
You will need........

  • Two mushroom shaped yogurt pots (mine are Muller)
  • Glass jar small enough to fit inside your pot
  • Brown acrylic paint
  • Red and white spotty cotton (big enough to cover your pot)
  • Wadding - I used 3 layers of light weight wadding
  • Rubber bands
  • Bull-dog clips
  • PVA glue 
  • Ribbon to wrap around the bottom of your pot
  • White wool felt to wrap around your jar
  • Hot melt glue gun (optional)
1. The first instruction I have no photo for because... well..... because I forgot :). simply paint the inside of one pot with brown acrylic paint and put aside to dry (it will need two coats of paint).
2. cover the second pot with PVA glue.
3. Cover with wadding and secure with a rubber band.
4. Trim the wadding.
5. Brush with glue and repeat with the next two layers of wadding.
6. ......until it looks like this. Trim again.
7. cover with spotty cotton, secure with rubber band and tweak until you are happy with the position of the gathering. Trim off excess fabric leaving about one inch to fold underneath.
8. Spread glue around the inner rim of the pot.
9. Fold the red cotton inside the pot and secure until dry with bull-dog clips.
10. Now measure a strip of white felt deep enough to reach the lower rim of your jar and long enough to wrap around it.
11. Here's mine.
12. Cover the jar in glue.
13.Attach the felt and secure temporarily with a rubber band (who knew rubber bands could be so handy!)
14.When the glue is dry and after removing the rubber band finish of with some fancy ribbon. Now back to the lid.....
15. Now take the first pot (which you painted brown inside). Cover with a thin layer of glue and allow it to get a little tacky. Now slot it inside your padded pot - securing the red fabric in place.
16. Glue the space which shows between the two pots and attach your ribbon.

It should look like this. At this point you could say your toadstool is finished and simply pop the top onto the jar but I prefer to attach the lid of the jam jar to the inside of the yogurt pot (using a glue gun) so that the toadstool top screws on and off the base in one go.
After gluing put the padded top on before the hot glue sets.

Voila! there you have it!
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. As far as I am aware this is my own idea and I haven't seen it anywhere else (who knows!) so please give me credit for the design if you do happen to recreate it. Thank you for your visit. I would love to see yours if you make one so please send me a link.
Happy crafting.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

My Craft Room - Time for a Nosey

Hi all,
I promised you a nosey of my new craft room ages ago - I hope you weren't all holding your breath in anticipation :/. I have taken lots of Photos today, as you will see I get a lot of daylight in this loft room so some of the pictures are a little over exposed but I will never complain about too much daylight!
I had a bit of a tidy up bit it is not pristine, I am a proper crafter so expect some smudges  and general untidiness. I hope my craft area inspires you!.......
 Here is a main view of where the magic happens. I have a long room so I'll give you it in little bits. The wall shelving unit was made by me and my lovely dad (thank God for dads!) The bottom shelve is a boxed-in shelf which contains the wiring for my under shelf lighting (which I wired myself!), this is were my best plan came into action!........
 I had been looking around at storage ideas for my Copic markers for some time and I had a few ideas in my mind... but then......along came my Copic sized shelf and the light bulb above my clever little head pinged! I'm a big fan of using magnets wherever possible so that's the route I took.I covered the shelf front with trimmed down A4 magnetic sheets then covered them with white sticky backed plastic so when the pens are removed I have a normal looking white shelf. After some trial and error I managed to get some magnets that were good and strong to attach to my pens - I just attached them with sticky tape....

 I love my Copic shelf, it looks great but most of all the pens are all nice and handy and at arms reach.
Here's part of the shelf to show how it looks with nothing on. now take a look at another way to use the shelf....
I attached an adhesive magnetic strip under the shelf so I can hang my little bottles of perfect pearls underneath - upside down and ready for squeezing!
here I have my lovely new tv/monitor which my lovely man bought me for my birthday. This is where I sit and design my digi images for Charmed Cards and Crafts.
Here's a little bit of ribbon storage at the other end of the shelf...
Oooh and here's my Prisma pencil stand - again made by my wonderful dad!
Lets move on to these amazing magnetic spice racks, they were form Argos and they were a special treat to myself, aren't they ace!
Lets move on to my 12"x12" paper storage......
It's shoe storage! I can't remember for sure but it was from either Ikea or Argos.
It's the perfect size for scrapbook paper. Here are a couple more magnetic boards one is for my metal dies. perfect!

 This magazine rack is from Ikea, I haven't got around to filling it yet but its handy don't you think?

The other end of the room has my main storage (this used to be my daughter's bedroom) these wardrobes hold loads! Fitted by my wonderful partner - I love you Souleymana mmmmwahhh!Oops, I nearly forgot to show you my storage rails.....

Another Ikea best seller!
What do you think? I hope my craft room inspires you to make better use of you crafty space. I'd love to have some feedback. Thank you for visiting xxx

Friday, 23 November 2012

Muslim Doll

Good evening all,
As many of you will know, I converted to Islam almost a year ago now and it's been quite a journey. It was probably the hardest thing I ever did in some ways but in other ways the very easiest and the very best. As I've been learning to pray in Arabic I've had my six year old step daughter alongside me learning too and she is becoming better than me now! Anyway, the reason I'm telling you this is because I wanted to buy her a doll wearing Hijab for Eid and to be honest the choice was pitiful! So, I thought, why not make one myself! Well.... she loved it! So much so, I decided to make more for my Etsy shop. Here she is, I hope you like her...
and of course, the Hijab can be removed.......
Please let me know what you think xxx

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Oh Sew loving to Sew!

I go through phases in my life, flittering from one to the other like a big crafty butterfly. Well this butterfly is currently having a good old flutter around the beautifully stitched flower of sewing. I've been making things on sewing machines since I was nine years old, can you believe my parents allowed that!
I made my first rag doll when I was 11, there and then a new passion began.
Recently I discovered a pattern from Ohsewdollin and now I just cant stop. I've used the basic doll pattern, altered it slightly and designed new clothes.What do you think of my ballet dancer?
Fabric is me new addiction, I just can't get enough!
I've opened an etsy shop to start selling my hand made things, feel free to browse!